Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gluten Free News From Israel

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     Hey guys! This will be a quick posting - I'm a bit under the weather and I've got to work tomorrow so I'm trying to stay rested.

     I know that many people travel to and from Israel quite often for religious, travel, and family reasons so I decided to share this. Israel has recently put the gluten free cut off at 20 parts per million for products that are labeled gluten free. Many people here in the United States feel that 10 ppm or lower should be the cut off while Australia has adopted 5 ppm as their cut off for gluten free labeling.

     I hope everyone's holiday went well and a good new year is upon you!

     See you in 2011!

     I wanted to site the news article I read this information in. I've been a little out of it lately and I couldn't believe that I didn't include a link to the article I found this information in!

     The Jerusalem Post was the one to publish the article "Products with harmless levels to be labled ‘gluten-free'" on 28 December 2010. Read it here.

     Thanks again for reading and I'll see you guys (for real this time) next year!


  1. Wow! Too bad that it's so high here. Sigh. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hey C!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it! How is the gluten-free fare there in Israel? Do you shop online or do your local stores have what you're looking for most of the time. I'm not one that is able to travel around much, but I've always been curious to see how other countries have reacted to the "boom" in gluten free demands. Hope you had a good holiday season!



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