Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AiA Gluten & Dairy Free Cookbook

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     Libraries offer information for free. There, you can browse subscription based periodicals, hundreds of variations of encyclopedias, and read about wars, heroes, and places you've never known before.

For free.

      internet offers the same experience - the experience of learning and knowledge. There is a big fuss right now over some people publishing information that some people feel should not be made public. This information tells of decades of lies, cover ups, and scandals. Before this, these people released videos of American soldiers gunning down innocent people - international workers - and the people who came to collect their bodies. The soldiers were begging their superiors to let them 'engage'. It was a horrific video to watch and I am ashamed to say that these people are representing me, not just my country.

     Because of this, I am wanting to also provide as much information to people as I possibly can. This information will be mostly relevant to this site in the form of cookbooks, magazines, and other periodicals. They will all be free to you and easy to use. If you have questions, please contact me and I'll help you navigate to the final product.

     I really hope you enjoy this new feature. My goal is to show you new information and new methods of getting it.

     Information, true or false, in any form, and from anyone should always be free. And we should work to keep it that way.

In saying all that, here's the first link: The AiA Gluten & Dairy Free Cookbook

     You will be redirected and end on a page with a picture of the book on it. Scroll down and you will see a bolded section that reads "Download". Under it you will find three different .com sites that are where the book is stored. Clicking on the third link, for example, will take you to a page with many options on it. The top of the page has the file name on it. (It's a .rar file, meaning it's archived and you'll need to un-pack it or un-zip it once downloaded.) About half way down the page you'll see a section that says "Choose download type - fast or slow" You'll want to click on the slow one and that will start your download. You might have to wait for a minute or enter a captcha to verify your human-ness, but your download should start right after that.

     This cookbook is really great and has lots of both carnivore and vegetarian friendly dishes in it. My only complaint is that it focuses on "the stuff we can't have and want to replace" like breads, cookies, pies, cakes, biscuits, and the like. It then goes on to soups, pastas, meats, veggie foods, snacks, candies, sides, and various random sections.

     However, some positive notes about this book is that it is largely allergen free or has the variations available to make it allergen free. It also has recipe notes for various English and Metric measurements making it really useful to Celiacs around the world.

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