Saturday, August 1, 2015

A New Direction

     Over the last couple of years my time investment in The Gluten Free Assistant has dramatically dropped off. This is not for lack of writing or interest, however. When I first began writing about my gluten free experiences almost 7 years ago, I did so mostly to share information I was learning and to get involved with the online food community. Over the years I often found myself wanting to share other facets of my life, but would always hesitate. ‘This is a food blog,’ I would tell myself, ‘not a life blog.’ Besides, talking about camping trips, family adventures or the interesting lecture I attended are not topics that seem to fit alongside a cookbook review and an enchilada recipe.

     Now, things have shifted.

     Seven years ago, my life was primarily engulfed with new foods and living gluten free. Now in 2015, I have a fantastic family, a job I love that I have been at for just over 6 years, I have moved across the country twice, and taken three amazing vacations.

     I have had so many welcome changes and wonderful things happen in my life, and the desire to share some of that with my audience has never gone away. Not writing about these new interests seems as if I am being untrue to myself. For me, writing is a struggle that I love to endure. Forcing myself to stick to such a limiting scope as my current blog offers makes the process all the more difficult and much less enjoyable.

     To help remedy this situation, I have decided to take my writing in a more general direction that will allow me to more comfortably include the topics that I want to write about. To do this I am branching out, so to speak. You will now be able to find me writing at Well Stocked Life in addition to my writing here as The Gluten Free Assistant.

     As I continue to write, topics that are more general will be posted over at Well Stocked Life while topics that are focused more on food or gluten free living will be posted at both sites.

     Not much will change around here, but along the way you will probably notice some references to The Well Stocked Life. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me and join me at the new site.

- Patricia
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