Friday, July 31, 2009

Creamy Pasta Dinner

Just a quick post this evening to give you an equally quick recipe to make tonight. Yesterday's post where I raved on and on about Sabra's Hummus, I said that I would give you a great idea to use up the rest of the hummus once all the carrot sticks and chips in the house are gone. Hope you enjoy this soon, it's well worth it!

Ever since I stopped eating dairy I've missed pasta with cheese sauce of any kind and have tried various replacements for this craving. I tried doing the nutritional yeast route, but I purchased it from the bulk section of Whole Foods and it was contaminated from being near the flours and I would break out in rashes any time I ate a dish with the nutritional yeast included. I've also tried those almost unpalatable soy cheeses that turn gritty once they begin to cool down on the plate, but one my absolute favorite way to get that cheese fix I'm looking for is to add about one to two tablespoons of hummus right before I serve the pasta. It sounds so simple, but the creamy texture of hummus lends itself nicely to giving the pasta that cheesy texture I'm looking for.

Creamy Pasta Dinner

2 C cooked pasta shells (I use Tinkyada)
1 Tbs butter
1 clove garlic
1-2 Tbs Hummus
Italian Seasonings of choice
cherry tomatoes

Once you have boiled your pasta, set it in a culinder to drain while you use the pot the pasta was boiled in to get your 'sauce' ready. Turn the heat off on your stove top and place the pot back on the burner. Add the butter and garlic to the bottom of the pan to melt and throw in the hummus once the butter is good and melted. Toss the pasta back in the pan and stir until all the shells are coated evenly. Sprinkle on any seasonings you might want and add five or six olives and a couple cherry tomatoes for good measure. Serve and enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Heart Died a Little...

     On a recent trip out on the town with The Artsy Tartsy Jeweler we stopped by Sugar Mamma's Bakeshop here in Austin hoping to find some delish gluten-free brownies to go along with the vegan cupcakes they make on a daily basis. I showed up only to discover they had discontinued their gluten free line! I spoke with the owner and he assured me that they were selling, but to truly be gluten free they needed a dedicated bakery to process the delicious treats in and that at this point in their business venture, it just was not a viable option for them. Totally understand and I really wish them the best so maybe one day they'll bring back the gluten-free line!

      The trip panned out well, however, despite the disappointment at the bake shop. I brought the boyfriend home some delicious Black and Tan cupcake - Guinness Stout cupcake and Irish cream frosting! He loved it to say the least.

      If you are ever in Austin, this is for sure one of the places you should check out on south first street. They do not use shortening and they are wind powered, how cool is that?

     If you're still looking for your gluten free sweet tooth to be satisfied, head up to Amy's Ice Cream and try out some of their vegan ices - very nice with the ridiculous heat we've been having the past few weeks. Each store carries different ice flavors, but they're all vegan so check em out! They've also got some of the best ice cream you can find in Austin. They've got a ton of locations, so there is sure to be one in your area.

     I've been dabbling with videos for the site, so you may be seeing one of those soon! Enjoy the rest of your day!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams

     It's almost time to turn in around here, but I was doing some last minute internet business and came across a rather interesting blog article over on Mommy Goggles about a new gluten free product by none other than *Betty Crocker*. That's incredibly mainstream and that makes me incredibly happy!

     There are four products coming out; a chocolate and yellow cake, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. All very much a welcome sight on the baking isle. Go check out Betty Crocker's gluten free page, too!

      Sweet dreams!
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