Saturday, October 4, 2008

About Those Cookies...

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      Whole Foods has a great way of setting up their pre-baked, ready to eat gluten-free cookie section. They have the regular brands that we are all familiar with on their gluten-free isle and a few mixed in with the regular cookies, but if you ever wander beyond their chocolate kiosk and glutenous bakery displays you will find a small shelf of various gluten-free goodies calling your name. I was looking for a good lemon cookie when I found these and I am not one to pass up bittersweet chocolate covered anything, much less vanilla sandwich cookies.

      The best part? They're gluten AND casein free, so I can eat them with no guilt or reactions to breaking my diet for a cookie. I've had many friends excitedly bring me a gluten-free brownie or cookie they found at a local coffee shop only to find milk in it.

      When I bought these I did not realize they were sandwich cookies, I was just glad to find some awesome looking cookies to munch on. The top is drizzled with dark chocolate and the icing in the middle reminds me of classic royal icing - only without the headache it gives me from the flavor. The cookies are very tasty - they do not crumble excessively but do go very well with some milk, but then again don't all cookies go good with milk?

      Jo-Sef Glutin Fre-ee sells these cookies as Fancy Vanilla Cookies from for $5.39 or you could pick them up at one of their retailers. I think I paid around $4.69 for these at Whole Foods so you might be able to find them cheeper in your area than they are online.

      Overall, I am extreemly happy with these cookies! They will become a regular purchase for me at the grocery store and I will share them with friends just to show them that gluten-free can really taste great!

      Touching back on the last post about the soy cheese I tried - I have done some more experimenting with it and have the results:

      In the Grilled Cheese 500, Vegan Gourmet came out dead last. I really wanted this one to work - it should have worked. The gluten-free bread I use takes forever to brown in a pan and being one that likes a near burned grilled cheese, I figured there would be plenty of time for the cheese to 'melt'.

      Oh, how wrong I was.

      The slices that I cut were thin, but just not thin enough to melt or do anything close to that. I left the sandwich in the pan for a good ten minutes and nothing but warm soy cheese slices. Just as good as it sounds. I added some mustard to the sandwich to keep the texture bearable. I really do not care for the texture of this cheese when it's solid. Enough of that.

      In the Mac&Cheese Derby, Vegan Gourmet turned heads with an astonishing third place victory. Melted the cheese by itself for a while, but added the milk and butter anyway just to bulk it up a little. I really enjoyed this meal. Added some smoked salt and black pepper to the top and I got a great bowl of mac and cheese out of the deal. I still have my complaint that it gets grainy or gritty when it starts to cool down. I think it would be good for fondues or other continuously hot dishes. Still want to try the mozzarella flavor before I write this one off though.

      Briefly, here is a few things on my agenda for this month: updating the website to my own designs, figuring out Thanksgiving dinner, writing articles for the site and here, apartment and job hunting. What's on your agenda for the month?

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